Life is such a beautiful gift from god. Every single day we wake up in the morning from our sleep is a blessing. Having breakfast to eat, watching TV and lying down on a comfy couch, or having a warm short conversation with father, mother, siblings or even our pet, just make everything look perfect. We get used to grow and learn in the same environment, the same value, the same perspectives, and the same habit as we do. That’s what made us who we are today. An identity that we bring always wherever we go.

Living in a homogeneous society, maybe it has become our habit. In our society, we tend to see something in one perspective. It is really hard finding someone who grow up in homogeneous society has different point of view with his or her own society. There is nothing wrong by living and growing in homogeneous society, and bringing that value into our life. There is nothing wrong being the same boat with your family, neighbourhood, or the wider community where you grew up. It is all fine.

But, sometime it can turn into a problem. How can? It becomes a problem when you leave your society, where you were raised, and you find everything is so different with what you had in your society. You meet people who instead of getting up early they wake up late, instead of having a small talk during dinner they just focus on the food. You do not get used to face these situations, then you start questioning their habit. “What is wrong with them?” “I can’t stand with them. It is so wrong!”. You do not accept what they do every day and consider it as something wrong. You believe that you and your values ​​are the only true things in this situation.

We often see this case in our life, or even we were ever in that situation. We can see that people tend to gather with the same people as they are. People who have faces similar to them. People who dress as they do, people who act like them. The first thing that people do after ordering some food in a café is they will try to find people who have the similarities to them, and sit next to that them. That is a normal thing that we can find every day, everywhere. We build a fort to limit our self from people who are different from us. We forgot that God created humans in definite differences with a great and noble purpose. There is a purpose for every differences that we have. We should embrace it, instead of making it as a gulf.

What can we learn from people who are different from us? The answer is so many things. There is a thousand of wisdom that we can get once we stop judging and blaming others whose values different from ours. We need to know that a wise person will find a way to learn from anyone else. No matter where we were raised up, there are always people or society that are different from us, and we need to be ok with that. They stand for their belief and values, and so do we. What we need is a mutual understanding. There are perspectives other than ours exist in this world and we can deal with that. We can learn so many things from them. We can learn from their value. We can start a communication “why you don’t have a conversation during eating?” let them explain based on their value and point of view, even if that doesn’t make sense to us, we still need to respect that. Living in a harmony is a precious thing. Don’t hate people for they are different with us. Don’t let our arguments or disagreement lead us into a fight. We are born to love and understand each other, not to hate. Embrace the differences, and learn to respect others as we want to earn the respect from others.

By : Diko Arianto


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