English is a universal language that can be used to communicate with people everywhere. Whether it is used as a first, second, or third language, English is one of the most extensively used languages in the world. In Indonesia, English is taught at every level of education, including universities. Did you know that improving your English is not as challenging as you would think? Many people give up trying to study English because they find it difficult. All you need to do is regularly study. As everyone is aware, English is a language that is used everywhere in the modern world. English language proficiency is essential, especially whether you’re looking for a job, requesting financial aid to study abroad, or just want to travel.

            Vocabulary is very important while learning a foreign language, such as English. Although there are four language skills to master—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—vocabulary is the first one that English learners must master. A person with a limited vocabulary will have a limited understanding of English speaking, reading, listening, and writing. We could conclude that learning a language’s vocabulary is the most important skill to develop. Possibly something where it is challenging to succeed without having a working vocabulary.

            Tips for expanding your vocabulary in English: daily learning of ten new words It won’t be difficult to pick up at least ten new words each day, even if only a little, and doing so can pay off in the long run. If you keep learning the word “city,” it will certainly be simple. You will be able to compose a comprehensive work one day using the same terminology, even if you can only write a few phrases in English right now. Repeating the same words is acceptable in order to help us understand and remember them. There is no harm in doing a review or redoing the memorization of previously learned vocabulary because forgetting previously learned vocabulary is the most common issue experienced by English language learners. Practice is the most crucial thing we can do to make sure we remember the language we have learned. If we rehearse the vocabulary, it will stay in our memory for longer.

We will enjoy learning English better if we can study with friends. We can practice our newly acquired language abilities with partners and then compare notes. Utilize applications for learning foreign languages. Of course, there are a ton of apps available in today’s internet-based world that can help us learn a foreign language. We are able to study whenever and wherever we want by downloading software to our personal devices from the internet.

 These are all a number of ways to learn English from the basics, but actually you don’t need to use all of these methods; it’s just an option for you to choose which one you feel is most appropriate for you. The essence of everything is actually a strong intention and determination to be able to master the foreign language, because when you already have a strong determination to learn a language, then you will easily master it by any method.

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