I strongly believe that every person desires respect and a fulfilling life. Mutual respect fosters peace in the world, creating a more harmonious global community. While everyone desires to be valued, not everyone practices respect. It’s essential to understand that earning respect starts with self-respect, paving the way for others to reciprocate.

Indonesia, with its rich diversity of habits, cultures, languages, and religious beliefs, underscores the importance of tolerance in preserving national unity. Despite this, there are still individuals spreading negativity. If this trend persists unchecked, Indonesia’s strong unity rooted in tolerance and solidarity could be threatened. To counteract this, proactive steps are crucial

My suggestion to bring back tolerance in Indonesia is to work with peace organizations and spread narratives that support peace throughout the country. The people of Indonesia came together despite differences in race, culture, and religion to gain their freedom through tolerance and acceptance of variety. There is hope for overcoming bigotry when Indonesians are taught the value of variety and tolerance.

I urge everyone to take part in the online propagation of peaceful messages, abstain from provocative behavior, and work toward the creation of a tolerant, peaceful Indonesia. My dream is for all Indonesians to work together to end intolerance, protect variety, and promote peaceful cohabitation in our nation.

Being responsible netizens entails refraining from offensive remarks, remaining calm in conflict-prone situations, and contributing positively to online interactions to combat hate speech. Let us collectively promote global peace by avoiding or resolving conflicts that sow discord in cyberspace.

Tolerance breeds virtue and harmony, enabling individuals to peacefully coexist despite differing political views, religious beliefs, or cultural backgrounds. By sharing critical videos and messages advocating for peace on the internet, starting blogs that promote peace, we can contribute to creating a better world for future generations.

I am passionate about spreading this message because I believe in a future where mutual respect leads to a more peaceful existence for all. Let’s work together towards this vision of a world where understanding and appreciation prevail.


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