Vocabulary are words that are always used by humans to communicate with each other, such as talking to other people to exchange information or through writing, all of which use what is called vocabulary. Vocabulary has an important role in a language, especially in communicating with oral speech or speaking. 

            Speaking of vocabulary, the word has been defined in a variety of ways by academics. Vocabulary, in Richards’ opinion (2002:255), is a fundamental language ability that forms the foundation for how well pupils talk, listen, read, and write. According to Hornby (1995), vocabulary is the total amount of words in a language and is defined as a list of terms with their definitions. On the other hand, according to Ur (1998), “vocabulary can be broadly defined as terms taught in another language.” Furthermore, vocabulary is described by Burns (1972) as “a general term used by a group, profession, or class.” According to Cameron (2001), developing vocabulary entails more than merely learning words.Your vocabulary is the whole array of words you know in a language, claims Nation (2008:105). The term “vocabulary” also refers to a collection of lexemes, which can be singular words, compound words, or idioms, according to Richards and Schmidt (2002: 580).

            According to the definition provided above, “vocabulary” refers to all of the words required to convey the speaker’s ideas and meaning. Furthermore, when someone wants to communicate in English, vocabulary is crucial. The comprehension of words and their meanings is another aspect of vocabulary. The capacity to speak is the capacity to express ideas or information that one possesses or chooses to express. Of course, a person’s capacity for verbal communication is also influenced by their vocabulary level. A person with a broad vocabulary can speak more naturally than someone with a small vocabulary since the latter’s vocabulary is more constrained.

It may be inferred from the discussion of vocabulary and speaking proficiency that vocabulary knowledge is crucial for speaking English fluently. because one becomes more fluent in speaking the more language they learn.  However, in addition to expanding vocabulary, one way to further improve mastery of English speaking is I watch and listen to native English speakers while I study the language. I pay close attention to every conversation between Americans and Britons on television. When I continued to pay attention and watch while occasionally speaking it without realizing it, I had started to learn the foreign language. I observed how people introduced themselves to one another, said good morning and good bye, what they said when they needed help or were running late for school, how quickly they spoke, their use of diction, etc.Additionally, self-talk Because they lack a conversation partner, many people find it challenging to learn English speaking skills. However, you can always practice your speaking skills without a partner by talking to yourself in the mirror and pretending that you are speaking English with someone or even playing your favorite movie actor.

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