Brain, beauty, and behaviour are words that we often hear. It is often called as 3B. The concept of 3B is mainly used in pageant competition, both beauty and male pageant. But, nowadays the concept of 3B is not only used in pageant industry, but also in some occupations. In pageant itself, sometimes the owner of pageant will put beauty as the first qualification to choose a winner, and sometimes they put brain as the main qualification above beauty and behaviour. It really depends on the owner or the national director of a pageant itself. This essay will talk about 3B and how it affects someone’s perception about us in pageant or work field.

1. Brain

As this word stands for, brain in pageant means knowledge, clever, educated. If I were the owner of pageant competition, or a judge, I will put brain as the first thing to be judged. Someone with a great and broad knowledge will give many benefit to the pageant organizations. Usually a smart person tends to have a good perspective in seeing something. Not only that, usually she/he likes to read books. The winner who has a smart thought is also a good speaker. She/he knows many things, and they can share it to everyone in their environment.

2. Beauty

It is a really famous word in pageant competition. It is a quality that directly everyone can see. In pageant competition, proverbs that say “don’t judge a book from its cover” doesn’t exist. People judge you from the way you look. Your appearance will give an impression to everyone who watches your performance during pageant competition. Having a good looking face and dress appropriately will help you so much when you give a speech or perform in public. It is a fact that people tend to like something that looks good, shiny, and beautiful. But for me, the concept of beauty itself is not about having white skin, tall body, or pointed nose. It’s about knowing your own body character, and wear a dress that suits on you and agenda that you attend. Dressing well is not to impress other, but to honour your own self.

3. Behaviour

A must thing that everyone should have. Not only for pageant industry, but I think for every aspect of life. In competition, judges and national director really like a contestant who behave well. They know and perform a good attitude. The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they interact with others must show a good attitude. It’s an important because the winner of a pageant competition will meet with many important people. If they cannot show a good manner, they will give bad impact for the pageant industry who takes them as a winner, and also it leads to the bad thing for themselves. The worst case is, the owner or the national director will replace them with another person who deserve and suits with the title “winner” itself.

Either you join pageant competition or not, having brain beauty and behaviour is a must. It will give many privilege, especially in work field. You will get many opportunities and chance to shine if you apply the concept of 3B in your life.


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