This essay is made to everyone who has a battle within themselves. Who question themselves “Is this okay to feel all of this feeling?”. This essay can be your friend. A friend that remind you about letting yourself to express whatever you feel in a day. Wish this short essay could help you!

I want you to remember this message, “it is okay to feel how you’re feeling right now”. Even though you tell yourself that you should not feel this way. A thought that you do not want to feel that way. But, remind yourself that it is really okay to be where you are right now. Whatever you are doing right now, whatever you’re feeling, you do not need to feel any different. You do not need to be anywhere else right now, and right now you do not need to do anything.

How do you help yourself to feel better? What if you just sat or laid down? I know it is hard. I know no one really understands. I know this world is heavy. I know you can’t see a light. But, what if you just stayed with that feeling? Knowing that the feeling is there. Knowing that you can already take it because you’re feeling it. So you’re strong right now for feeling this.

You are strong for being here right now. So if you’re sitting down or laying down. Just be here with it. And I know I don’t want to sound insincere in any way but I just want to let you know the truth. I just want to let you know the fact. The fact of the matter is you’re going to be okay. The fact is the feeling’s going to pass. Just like the feeling you had before. This feeling, that good feeling passed, and now you feel this one. And we could say this is a bad feeling, but it’s going to pass too, and a good one’s going to come along soon. Let’s just sit with the feeling. You don’t have to be positive, and avoid the bad ones. Accept them, and soon or later, you will understand that feeling is just a feeling. When you are okay with your sad time, it means you are ready to get your happiness.


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