Of course, as citizens of Indonesia, we are completely familiar with the word diversity. The ideology of the Indonesian state is known as Pancasila, and it contains the motto “BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA,” which although it has multiple meanings, is nonetheless one. Tolerance is necessary to preserve Indonesia’s uniqueness because the country is incredibly diverse, with many different customs, cultures, languages, and religious beliefs. But regrettably, there are still some intolerent individuals in today’s world. If this trend is allowed to continue, it could eventually get out of control and endanger Indonesia’s unity, which has so far been very strong due to its tolerance and cohesion.

            There are numerous things we can do to stop intolerance from spreading. My strategy for reestablishing tolerance in Indonesia through the dissemination of pro-peace narratives to all Indonesians is to join groups working in the field of peace. I am confident that the issue of intolerance will be resolved by educating Indonesians on the value of tolerance and diversity because, as we all know, it is only possible for Indonesia to be independent due to people’s awareness of tolerance and acceptance of differences, resulting in a country that is united from Sabang to Merauke without questioning variations in ethnicity, culture, or beliefs. I hope that everyone will do the same, namely spreading narratives of peace in cyberspace, not being a provocateur, and being able to create an Indonesian nation that is tolerant without conflict. My hope is for all Indonesians to eliminate intolerance in order to maintain diversity and create a peaceful life in Indonesia.

We can also fight or combat hate speech that can lead to war by being good citizens, that is, netizens who don’t share in bad comments, are not easily provoked by things that lead to conflict, and participate in enlivening cyberspace. with positive things, therefore, let’s jointly contribute to realizing world peace by not starting or following conflicts that invite hostility in cyberspace.

True, harmony and goodness can come from tolerance. Anyone who approaches life with tolerance may coexist peacefully with people of all backgrounds. Whether it be based on disparities in familial histories, religion, or political views.

Let’s work together to fill the internet with messages calling for peace, such as videos on its significance. You may also write blogs that promote peace, making the world a better place for our children and grandkids in the future.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai


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