In this all-internet era, we cannot deny that almost all age groups, on average, have used the internet. There are many fun things we can do with the internet, such as search for information and interact with people around the world. When talking about the internet, we cannot separate it from social media. There are lots of fun things we can do on social media that get us swept up in it. With social media, we can follow the developments of our idol artists, communicate with old friends, and post photos or videos to get likes and comments. But if we use it excessively, which causes addiction, there will be many bad effects that happen to us.

Here are some of the bad effects of social media addiction:

-Disruption of Real-World Social Relationships Someone who is too engrossed in using social media will prefer to interact in cyberspace, which causes his life in the real world to be disrupted. Many people have lots of friends and are very active on social media but have few friends in the real world and find it difficult to get along in the real world, which reduces their quality time with friends and family. For example, because we are more concerned with social media, when we are together with friends, instead of chatting and enjoying time together, we instead use that time to take selfies and upload them to social media.

-When someone is addicted to social media, he will use it more and even skip sleep and rest to check his accounts. This makes it difficult for him to fall asleep. Naturally, this will affect your physical health and produce additional issues including decreased productivity and difficulties understanding class material because of fatigue and sleepiness.

Those are some of the bad effects of excessive use of social media; now we will discuss how to overcome or get rid of social media addiction:

-Increase offline activities. If you have been spending more time online using social media, you can now begin to devote more of your time to more beneficial offline activities such as sports and other positive activities. 

-Use social media after doing productive things. Using social media is actually not a problem, but what becomes a problem is when we use it excessively, which causes a lot of bad things to happen to us and causes us to be unproductive in cyberspace. Let’s make it a rule to use social media only after we’ve done something productive.

-So far, we have been drifting in cyberspace, which offers so many happy moments that we can get as long as we use social media, which causes us to forget that offline things also offer so many fun things, one of which is our own hobby. If all this time we have left and forgotten our hobbies because of social media, let’s start now, leave social media for a moment, and start doing the fun hobbies we have left behind.

-Consult an expert if all the suggestions given above cannot help you get rid of your addiction to excessive use of social media, which has a negative impact on your life.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai


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