Speaking of vocabulary, there are many definitions of the word that have been put forward by experts. According to Richards (2002:255), vocabulary is a basic component of language skills that serves as the basis for how well students speak, listen, read, and write. Hornby (1995) defines vocabulary as a list of terms with their definitions, and vocabulary is the total number of words in a language. Meanwhile, Ur (1998) states: “Vocabulary can be broadly defined as terms taught in another language.” Additionally, Burns (1972) defines vocabulary as “a general term used by a group, profession, or class.” According to Cameron (2001), vocabulary is not just learning words but is more complex than that. According to Nation (2008:105), your vocabulary is the entire collection of words you know in a language. In addition, Richards and Schmidt (2002: 580) state that the term “vocabulary” refers to a group of lexemes, which can be single words, compound words, or idioms.

            According to the definition given above, “vocabulary” is the total number of words needed to convey the concept and meaning of the speaker. In addition, vocabulary is very important when someone wants to communicate in English. Furthermore, vocabulary is the understanding of words and their meanings.

            Speaking is the ability to communicate thoughts or information that one has or wishes to communicate. Of course, a person’s vocabulary proficiency also has an impact on their ability to communicate verbally. Someone who has a large language repertoire can speak more naturally than someone who merely has a little vocabulary repertoire because the latter’s vocabulary is more limited.

            From the explanation of vocabulary and speaking mastery, it can be concluded that vocabulary mastery is very important for fluency in speaking English. because the more one learns about vocabulary, the more fluent one becomes in speaking.  however, to further enhance mastery in speaking English besides increasing vocabulary is As I learn English, I watch and listen to native speakers of the target language. Every time Americans and British speak on television, I pay close attention. I had begun to learn the foreign language when I maintained paying attention and watching while occasionally speaking it without realizing it. I observed how people introduced themselves to one another, said good morning and good bye, what they said when they needed help or were running late for school, how quickly they spoke, their use of diction, etc.

And Talking to Yourself Many people find it difficult to learn English speaking skills because they don’t have a partner to talk to. However, by talking to yourself in the mirror, you can imagine that you are speaking English with someone, or even playing your favorite movie actor, so you can always practice your speaking skills without a partner.

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