I think the word tolerance is a very beautiful word, maybe this word sounds simple, but the meaning behind this word is what makes it special because there is so much goodness in this word. With this word, it can unite many people from various backgrounds with various backgrounds who do not know each other so that they can become friends and family.

This word is very important in our daily lives because we live in this world not with people who have different backgrounds which is prone for us to have disagreements, therefore with the tolerance of the book, Jesus lives in harmony with friends. – Friends with different backgrounds

             It is true that tolerance can lead to goodness and harmony. Anybody may live in harmony with individuals from all backgrounds if they approach life with tolerance. Whether it be due to differences in political beliefs, religious beliefs, or family backgrounds.

Let’s work together to fill the internet with messages calling for peace, such as videos on its significance. You may also write blogs that promote peace, making the world a better place for our children and grandkids in the future.

There are many things we can do to prevent intolerance from growing. Joining the Peace Ambassadors  ofWest Sumatra is my way to restore the existence of tolerance in Indonesia by spreading narratives of peace to all Indonesians. By making Indonesian people aware of the importance of tolerance and diversity, I am sure that the problem of intolerance will be overcome, because, as we know, Indonesia can be independent because of people’s awareness of tolerance and acceptance of differences, so that Indonesia is united from Sabang to Merauke without questioning differences in ethnicity, culture, and beliefs.

I hope that everyone will do the same, namely spreading narratives of peace in cyberspace, not being a provocateur, and being able to create an Indonesian nation that is tolerant without conflict. My hope is for all Indonesians to eliminate intolerance in order to maintain diversity and create a peaceful life in Indonesia.


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