As we know, most knowledge is gained through reading. Many positive things can be obtained by reading books. However, not everyone has the motivation to read books, especially students at school where they are required to read books in order to capture knowledge while they are there. There for it is so important for them to follow the learning process in at school.

Reading is often seen as a tedious task. If this sensation of laziness were neglected, it would have disastrous consequences in the future. Many students fail at school because they are too lazy to study or read. Although boredom or laziness is not something that can be avoided, there are several things that can be done to motivate reading.

Basically, a person can get rid of lazy learning for two reasons: first, because he wants to get a prize, meaning that someone will be motivated to study seriously because he wants to get a prize; for example, a child wants to go to class. champion and received praise from parents and teachers, then he studied hard and fought his laziness.

Second, because of fear of punishment or bad consequences, it means that someone does something because they want to avoid punishment. For example, if a child is afraid of being punished if he gets a low grade, maybe he is afraid of being punished from school or from his parents. On this occasion, we will discuss some smart tips to get rid of lazy learning.

Some of the things I do to motivate my students to be diligent readers are:

  • Motivate them by telling them how important it is to read books on a regular basis. I also tell about national and international figures who have been successful because of their diligent reading of books. After they were motivated, I gave them some books to read.
  • The second way is by telling them to study in a comfortable place. Everyone has a comfortable place to study. Someone can feel very comfortable and focus on learning when in a public place, but some people feel more comfortable studying in a quiet room. Therefore, let’s find a place to study that is most comfortable for you; if the place is not comfortable, how can you focus?

Those are some of the things I do so that students are diligent in reading books. Thank you for reading this article. I hope we all have the motivation to read books.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai


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