I really love books. I can spend my entire afternoon by just sitting on my couch and reading a book. My habit of reading books is not something that just happens, I try to establish it. There were a lot of books that I read, however I still could not find the pleasure in reading them. But my whole perspective about reading changed when I read “Ikigai”. This book is magnificent and fantastic. As a proverb said, you just need one book to make you fall in love in reading. Ikigai book opens another books come to my life, I am deeply thankful for that. These are several book that may help you to start your journey in 2023, based on my recommendation.

  1. Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to A Long and Happy Live

This is the top list in my favourite books. This book will tell you many things about longevity and how to create a happiness within yourself. When you read this book you are going to understand what your purpose to live on this earth is, and also this book will lead you to find your own IKIGAI. What you are good at, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you love, are those components that create your Ikigai. I love this book because it serves me a Japanese philosophy and proverb that really relate to me as a human being in order to have a stable happiness and longevity.

  • Atomic Habits

Improving by 1% every day for a year will give you a 37 times of successful than you were at the beginning of the year. I adore how James Clear as a writer of Atomic Habits gives many example and explanation about a tiny habit that we do constantly every day can transform ourselves into the best version of ourselves. This book is equipped with steps to create good habits and maintain them. You can use this book to cut your bad habits in 2022, and start the good ones in 2023. This book also tell me that a tiny habit that I keep doing every day, will give me a major effect at the end. “You should not give up when you cannot see the result of your habit during the process, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean the progress isn’t there” are my favourite lines from Atomic Habits. This book is really worth it to read.

  • The 48 Law of Power

This book is mind blowing. How the author illustrated every law in this book is so amazing. You can use this book as guidelines to maximize your power in every aspect of life, especially in job. I am personally amazed by the first law that I read in this book, “Never outshine the master”. After reading this sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph I felt really enthusiast to finish this book. Every law in this book is explained by a story. Not only learn about “law of power” but also you will learn about world history. This book is so useful and powerful to be read by you in starting 2023.

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