Despite the fact that peace is a wonderful gift that we currently enjoy as a result of the struggle of our past heroes, it appears that it is now somewhat threatened due to the rising frequency of hoaxes, hate speech, and provocations that take place in both cyberspace and the real world and are perpetrated by irresponsible people who wish to divide and incite conflict. Since we all know how wonderful life is when there is no violence, racism, hate speech, hoaxes, or anything else that can cause division, anything that can cause division is actually quite pointless for an individual or group of people to do. apprehension of harm. Regardless of one’s race, religion, or other characteristics, everyone loves, respects, and supports one another. It’s really lovely to see how everyone supports one another and values each other’s creations.

But regrettably, there are still some intolerable individuals in today’s world. If this attitude is allowed to persist, it has the potential to spiral out of control and jeopardize the country’s unity, which has historically been quite strong due to its tolerance and cohesion. There are several things we can do to stop bigotry from spreading, and one of them is through the internet. Cyberspace is now a location where people can express themselves in many different ways.

We frequently observe that cyberspace is frequently utilized as a venue for bullying others. Can you imagine how lovely life would be if everyone lived in peace, without violence, racism, or hate speech, and without fear of being wounded? We frequently see internet users bullying one another by making remarks that upset others who read them and frequently wind up in court. Regardless of one’s race, religion, or other characteristics, everyone loves, respects, and supports one another. There are several things we can do when we find people giving hate speech on the internet, namely as follows:

  1. Letting the person know that the content they created could lead to a conflict and will not resolve any issues
  2. notifying the person that he could be charged under the ITE Law
  3. Being good citizens, or netizens who refrain from participating in offensive remarks, resist being easily inflamed by things that cause conflict, and take part in enlivening cyberspace, is another way that we can battle or combat hate speech that can lead to war. Let’s work together to bring about world peace by refraining from initiating or participating in disputes that incite hate online.
  4. Don’t fall for hoax news
    Instead of concentrating on the news or immediately sharing it with others when we receive it from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, we should try to determine where the news is coming from. This is because fake or hoax news frequently omits the author or source’s name and occasionally only provides an ambiguous false name.
  5. And another way we can do to achieve world peace is not to start or participate in conflicts that invite hostility in cyberspace. Let’s flood the virtual world together with things that call for peace in order to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai



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