Parents are the first and most influential people in the lives of their children. Parents are the first to teach their children in various fields of life, such as religion, reading, and writing, and it is parents who will determine the nature of their children when they mix in everyday life. It is not surprising that children who get more attention from their parents have good academic abilities too, but students who experience problems at home tend to have academics that are not so good. The following are examples of problems experienced by students from broken homes:

      – Students whose parents are divorced tend to have low academic scores due to a lack of attention from their parents.

– Students whose parents are divorced often struggle with learning because it is primarily mental and psychological in nature, such as difficulty understanding learning material and frequent daydreaming. 

– broken home Children are vulnerable to experiencing loneliness due to the sense of loss they experience.

– feeling alienated, afraid of being left alone at home, angry, feeling rejected, insecure, and confused.

– difficulty socializing

– They also feel ignored, and no one protects them. Based on what I see in the field regarding learning difficulties in students whose parents are divorced (Broken Home), there is a relationship between problems that occur at home and children’s academic abilities at school because children are mentally and psychologically disturbed by family problems.

      What I can do as a teacher to deal with problems in children who are psychologically and mentally disturbed due to family problems, one of which is a broken home, is to approach the child gently. Have a heart-to-heart talk, and I will take on the role of their friend, not their teacher, to make them feel more comfortable. My personal opinion regarding this problem is that I feel very sorry and guilty for my childhood friend who was a victim of a broken home. At that time, I did not understand that, and I also hated his character because I thought his behavior really wanted attention because from home, he went to school crying with the excuse of his parents’ problems. I remember him saying that he heard his father threaten to divorce, but at that time, my friends and I actually thought he was just seeking attention from us. This happened in elementary school. Hopefully, this blog will inspire all of us to understand and care for those whose homes have been destroyed.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai



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