Peace is a beautiful gift that we are currently enjoying, which is the struggle of our previous heroes, but it seems that our peace is now somewhat threatened because of the increasing prevalence of hoaxes, hate speech and provocations that occur in cyberspace and in the real world carried out by irresponsible people who have a desire to divide and create conflict. Actually, things that can cause division are very useless things that are done by a person or group of people because as we know that how beautiful life is if we all live in peace, there is no violence, racism, hate speech, hoaxes, and nothing else. fear of being hurt. Everyone loves, respects and helps each other regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and so on. Everyone helps each other because they love and respect each other’s creations, very beautiful isn’t it?

However, it seems that it is still difficult for us to realize it while there are still many people who are not aware of the importance of peace and tranquility by making hate speech on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and other social media and spreading hoaxes that lead to conflict between communities. Therefore, let’s contribute together to realize world peace by not being easily consumed by hoax news. Actually there are several ways that we can do to avoid the hoax trap, namely:

1.Check the Sources

when we receive news from social media such as Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp and Twitter, don’t focus on the news or directly share it with other people, try to see where the news comes from, because usually hoax or fake news does not include the name of the author or source and sometimes only give an ambiguous false name.

2. Don’t Be Easily Tempted By Provocative Titles

Don’t be easily tempted by a provocative title Usually hoax news makers will use unusual or sensational titles that aim to attract readers to read the news, usually the title directly leads to problems faced by a party or organization. To avoid potential hoaxes like this, try to view the news or information through different and trusted sources.

3. Pay Attention to The Date Of The Incident And When The News Was Written

Sometimes hoax news can arise from old factual news where the news or incident has been happening for a very long time, even been forgotten by the public, but the hoax maker will make it seem as if the news just happened by changing the time information from the events in the news. in the news.

4. Pay Attention To The Pictures Sent

Usually the hoax maker will use unusual images that are very interesting to read information from the image. Hoax users usually take advantage of these images to create their own version of fake news, often the images taken are different from the actual events in the image and it is not uncommon to find images used for news that have no connection whatsoever with the news being conveyed, for example images that are used for news. used as a news cover is a strange or rare animal, but the news made by hoax makers is an advertisement for a product. One way to find out the truth of an image is by using the google search engine, namely by drag-and-drop to the google images search field. The results of the search will present the same images as the uploaded image, so we can compare the authenticity of the images.

5. Read The Whole News

most of the people who are caught in hoax news, people who are provoked by the title or the first paragraph of the news and are lazy to reach half-assed information, will make the news thoroughly and understand the whole content of the news.

So those are the ways to keep peace in the world, then there are some things that you can do to more support it, these are:

  1. don’t use harsh words
  2. do not do hate speech on social media
  3. respect eachother
  4. always spread positive vibes

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches


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