The majority of everything we encounter in life must always have two sides—the positive and the negative—and the issue is how we use or select those sides. A wise man will unquestionably go for things that will help him rather than things that could potentially hurt him. but now sometimes wise or unwise people will be wrong in choosing it. if we take it wrong or are wise in using the internet then we will really lose because of that on this occasion I will share ways to use the internet wisely so that our quality of life can be better.

-Remove unnecessary applications. Sometimes we have applications that are not so important, but we still keep them, and without realizing it, they harm us. If we have a lot of applications that are not important and do not provide benefits for our development, it is better to remove these applications and leave only the important ones that can support our abilities.

-Do not use your device too close to your eyes as we all know, gadgets emit radiation rays that can harm your eyes; therefore, it is best to keep a safe distance between your device and your eyes. Those are some tips for using gadgets wisely; hopefully we can become wise gadget users.

-Don’t follow unimportant trends. There are so many trends circulating on social media that make people want to follow them but are actually not that important. For instance, we could create a trending healing video somewhere because many people encourage us to do so for the sake of social media. 

-Take fewer games. Although it can be incredibly entertaining and exciting to play games, if we get dependent on them, we risk losing track of time and ignoring our obligations. Schoolchildren are among those who experience video game addiction the most frequently, which causes them to disregard their studies. Students’ ability to learn is frequently hindered by playing video games; for instance, they could stay up late playing video games, leading to exhaustion at school while trying to learn. The best way to control how much time you spend playing games is to schedule them, set time limits, and save their use for when you have finished your more important tasks.

-Before going to bed, put your devices away. Most people, even when they want to sleep, still use their gadgets, which causes them to forget the time. Especially if they use it to open social media and games, which take time and cause them to lose track of time, causing them to stay up late, as well as social media notifications that cause them to wake up and check it out. It would be ideal if we put the device a little further from the bed, making us less likely to use it. Reduce Your Use of Social Media Someone who is addicted to social media usually uses social media without any time limits. By limiting our use of social media, we will be free from social media addiction. If we usually use social media for dozens or dozens of hours a day, then we can limit it to just two or three hours per day.

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