I live in a remote area in Grobogan, Central Java. Most of the villagers here work as a famer. I rarely find something that is similar with my environment when I was in Pariaman. It is something that I still learn to accept. But here is the thing; I get something new to learn here every day.

People here apply the slow living in their life. Even though they don’t say it, but of course I can observe what they do. I also often ask them to have a discussion with me about the philosophy of life for them. They make everything has a meaningful action for their live. They work in the field but they still enjoy it. They have a culture to drink tea, and not forcing themselves to do many jobs in a single time.

People here are also so generous. There like to share to their neighborhood. Not only that, events that be held here are also meant to share the kindness to the villagers. If you go to religious activity, after finishing that activity they will give you a box of food. If you go to wedding ceremony, they are going to give you food before you leave the place. Some time, without any special event, they also will give you either food or fruits. So adorable, I think.

People here are really connected to the nature, society, and God. For that reason, I assume they really have purpose in their life. They have a purpose and meaning for doing their daily activities. Not so surprise, old people here are still found working in the field. They are also strong enough to bring a heavy thing. Old people here are able to ride bicycle for a long route while bring their things. It happens because they custom to do that, and also they put a meaning for their action, so nothing is hard enough to be done by them.

Perayaan Hari Kartini di Grobogan

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