Vocabulary refers to all the words required to convey a speaker’s ideas and meaning. Furthermore, when attempting to communicate in English, vocabulary is crucial. Understanding words and their meanings is another aspect of vocabulary. Speaking refers to having the ability to express ideas or information that one has or wants to express. Of course, a person’s capacity to communicate verbally is also influenced by their language level. Speaking naturally is easier for someone with a vast vocabulary than for someone with a little one.

Below are some of the mandatory and most frequently used vocabularies in everyday life that will be very useful for beginner English learners to master English.

Be quiet!Diam
Sleep tightTidur yang nyenyak
Happy weekendSelamat berakhir pekan
The last but not the leastYang terakhir tapi tidak kurang pentingnya
Give me a handBantu aku
I’ll call you soonAku akan menghubungimu segera
Give me fiveTos
Here we go againWaduh terjadi lagi
Wish Me Luck!Doakan aku berhasil
Take it or leave it!Ambil atau tinggalkan

So, those are expressions in English that you need to learn that will help you a lot in the process of mastering English language and good luck!!

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