What do people do nowadays to fill their spare time or entertain themselves? of course the internet is the answer, not only for entertainment but also as a daily necessity I want to talk about the internet once more, invite you to talk about it with me, and remind you to use it even more carefully. Since practically everyone uses the internet, there are many individuals who use it in a variety of ways. In other words, there are two sorts of people who use the internet, either for positive or harmful effects. This topic is crucial to discuss.

The Internet has two sides. The question is how we use or choose those sides, because most things in life must always have two sides—the positive and the negative. A wise man will surely prefer things that will help him above those that will hurt him. However, sometimes intelligent or ignorant people make the wrong decision. I’ll give some advice for using the internet responsibly so that we can improve our quality of life, because if we use it incorrectly or wisely, we will truly lose.

Avoid following shallow trends. There are many trends on social media that appear to be important but aren’t, causing people to desire to follow them. Many people, for example, encourage you to do it for the sake of social media, so we can make a hot healing video somewhere. Please, no more games. Even though games can be a lot of fun and thrilling, if you get too reliant on them, we risk losing track of time and ignoring our duties. Schoolchildren are the most common victims of video game addiction, and as a result, they neglect their schoolwork. Students’ ability to study is frequently hampered by video game activity; for example, they can stay up late playing video games, leaving them weary in class while attempting to learn.
The best strategies to control how much time you spend doing them are to create a schedule, set time limits, and only play games after accomplishing more important tasks. Before going to bed, you should put your electronics away. The majority of individuals use their technology even when they wish to sleep, which causes them to lose track of time. More so if they use it to access social media, engage in mindless game play that keeps them up late, and receive notifications from social media that remind them to check their accounts. Ideal placement for the item would be a bit more away from the bed so that we are less prone to use it.
Get rid of any program you don’t require.

Sometimes we continue to run applications that aren’t actually necessary but put us in danger anyhow. If we have a huge number of applications that are not important and do not advance our progress, it is best to remove the superfluous ones and keep only the essential ones. When using a device, you should maintain a safe distance from your eyes since, as we all know, devices emit radiation rays that can harm your eyes.

These are some guidelines for responsible technology use; ideally, we can all adopt them.

Reduce your use of social media. Someone who is addicted to social media often uses it without restraint. We can overcome social media addiction by limiting our use of it. If we normally spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours per day on social media, we can reduce it to two or three hours per day.

The preceding explanation provides an outline of how the internet is required in everyday life and how humans cannot be divorced from it. Essentially, the internet has many benefits for humanity if people understand their limits and use it for beneficial purposes that benefit both themselves and others.


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