I am personally believe that everyone in our world wants to be respected by others and to live a good life. Respecting one another will make life in the world feel more peaceful. Everyone wants to be appreciated, but not everyone is able to respect one another. Of course, this is incorrect, since if you want to be respected, you must first respect yourself, and then others will begin to respect you.

Because country is so diverse, with so many different habits, cultures, languages, and religious beliefs, tolerance is critical to preserving the country’s uniqueness. Unfortunately, there are still some unpleasant people in the world. If this trend continues and spirals out of control, Indonesia’s unity, which has been quite strong due to its tolerance and togetherness, may be compromised. There are various things we can do to prevent hatred from spreading.

My idea for restoring tolerance in Indonesia is to join peace organizations and communicate pro-peace narratives to all Indonesians. As we all know, Indonesia’s independence was only achievable due to its residents’ awareness of tolerance and acceptance of differences, resulting in a nation that is united from Sabang to Merauke without questioning ethnic, cultural, or religious differences. As a result, I am optimistic that the issue of intolerance may be overcome by educating Indonesians about the importance of tolerance and variety.
I hope that everyone would join me in spreading peace messages in online, refraining from provocation, and trying to build a peaceful, tolerant Indonesia. My desire is for all Indonesians to abolish intolerance in order to preserve diversity and develop a peaceful way of life in the country.

Being good citizens, that is, netizens who do not engage in offensive remarks, are not readily agitated by things that cause conflict, and participate in enlivening cyberspace, enables us to oppose or combat hate speech that can start wars. As a result, let us collaborate to promote global peace by refraining from initiating or participating in disagreements that foster enmity in cyberspace.Tolerance, it is true, can lead to virtue and harmony. Anyone who approaches life with tolerance can live in harmony with individuals from various walks of life. It could be because of differences in political opinions, religious convictions, or family origins.

Let us collaborate to post critical videos and other messages requesting peace to the internet. You can also start a blog that promotes peace in order to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Everyone will live in peace if everyone begins to appreciate one another, beginning with themselves. I have often talked about this message because I really want us all to be able to lead a more peaceful life than before.


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