Last Eid Mubarak I went travelling to the major city of Central Java, Semarang. I took 2 days holiday for this trip. I went by using train from my regency, Grobogan. I have a lot of list of food that I want to taste in Semarang, but due to the Eid holiday, there were only few store or restaurants that opened.

Here were some food that I eat in Semarang.

  1. Nasi Padang

Actually when I arrived in Semarang, the first restaurant that I want to visit was “Warmindo Kota Lama”, but it was not opened yet. So I decided to eat in Padang restaurant near to Kota Lama. The price is more expensive for a small portion. In my district, it is really hard to find Padang’s food, and I am quite happy to eat in this restaurant. But the taste is not authentic, it is not like Nasi Padang that I eat in West Sumatra, may be they adjust it into Javanese’s taste.

  • Taro Cheese

I can say that it is the most delicious drink that I ever tasted. I don’t really love taro, but when they combined it with cheese, it became so yummy. I bought this drink in Es Teh Indonesia Kota Lama. So happy, because in my district of course there is no Es Teh Indonesia. I wish I could taste this beverage again.

  • Tahu Gimbal

It is a traditional food from Semarang. For me, it is the best food along my trip in Semarang. The composition of this food are tofu, egg, vegetables, peanut sauce, and Shrimp. I love it. The taste is so rich. Tahu Gimbal is easy to find in Semarang. Almost in every place there are a stand that sells Tahu Gimbal. The price is quite expensive, may be that because Eid Holiday.

Well, those are memorable and yummy food that I eat in Semarang. Out of them, I eat meatball and Soto, which I often eat in Grobogan, experiencing those food in beautiful city of Semarang is such unforgettable memories for me.

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