Last Sunday I went watching a new horror movie. The title is “The Nun II”. I had no plan actually to choose what movie I was going to choose, but after seeing a poster of a nun with an evil and scary face, I decided to watch it. The duration of this movie is about an hour and forty five minutes. It’s quite normal for the duration, not too short or too long.

What happen during the movie? Well, actually at first I was confused about the story for I did not watch “The Nun I”, but after several moments, slowly but sure I did enjoy and understand the story. This movie is still about to send back the devil to the hell. Irene as the centre of the story gave me much lesson. I will tell you in the next paragraph. For me this movie is good enough. 8.5 /10 is a rating I gave to this movie. The cinematic is good, but for me in some scene, they are too dark, I could see the scene clearly. There are so many jump scare here, but it’s still enjoyable. The end of this movie is quite sad, both of the main actors continue their own life again, separately.

What I can learn from this movie? Hmm, for me it’s about belief. The belief that you put on your religion will always light your way. God exists to help you, always. I also learnt from this movie about the power of “pray”. A pray with a full believe to god will save you from many bad things. With a pray, you can change the ‘impossible’ thing become ‘possible’ to happen. Your journey in knowing and worship the god will not be easy, some moments will test your faith, and it is only you that can prove how strong or how weak your faith and belief is. Always have an open heart and mind set, because we will never know the time that god shows you the power of a pray.

The next thing that I got from this movie is the love that you get from your family, especially from your mother will never stop, even though right now she is no longer in your life, or she has passed away, you are still able to feel the warmth of her love. Her love will live in your life, in your inner self. You should remember and mark that as important memory in your whole life. In this movie, I can conclude that for the love of Irene’s mother, she can carry herself to fight for her life. Last fighting between Irene and Valak (the devil), Irene was safe and can turn the duel. It was the memory of her mother that pushes her to have a spirit to live, she was safe from the fire that burn herself.

It is a good movie. I conclude that my activity in watching “The Nun II” as a time well spent. Not only it was amusing, it was also full of good lesson.

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