I love reading. I spend my time a day by working, doing some exercises, and reading some books. I read many varieties book, start from relationship, career, health, and self-improvement. My current book now is “You are a badass”. I get this book from my friend. I have finished a half of this book. I want to share some beautiful insight that I got from this book.

  1. What your program  yourself is matter

In the beginning this book shows me about the subconscious mind and conscious mind. The subconscious mind believes about everything because it has no filter.  It relates to some values that have been told to us since we were a kid. For example our parents told us that money is something that really hard to get, then as an adult we think we don’t have a good relationship with money, and then we choose to stay broke. You can change your ‘now’ by starting consuming good words and value that you tell yourself every single day.

  • Love yourself

Sometimes it’s easier for people outside ourselves to see what we cannot see ourselves. So they can help you connect with your truths and live happier, more authentic lives. How do you know someone is right for you? By treating yourself good and listen to your inner self. If you master that, you can sense when somebody give you an honest compliments and a fake ones. You have the authorized to base your self-worth.

  • Find a role model

A person who inspires you to be a better person is necessary. Get a clear reason why she or he become your role model. It will help you to grow better and have the ability to face many challenges during your up and down. You will be able to ditch your hero and start asking yourself, what would I do?

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