There is a moment where I just want to sleep in my bed room, playing my phone, and not doing anything at all. That is the day that everything is really hard for me. It seems like I have no energy to do something. I have no appetite to eat my breakfast or lunch. All I want to do is just laying my body and my mind on my comfortable bed. I know I should do something, but still, I find no energy even to move a little bit from my bed.

And you know what is the worst thing about this phase? I have many deadlines to do. I have many jobs to be done.  Instead of doing all of my tasks, I prefer scrolling my tik-tok, looking at my Instagram stories, and repeat the same time for hours. Hah,, what a hard moment to live. Time flies and left me in guilty.

Lately I know this condition because I was in stress. The condition when I do not want to do anything because my body in a mode to save my energy just to do several important things. In a saving energy and protecting my self from something that may be bad for myself. It sounds good, but actually I felt trapped.

Once I know what my condition is, it is easier for me to analyze my life in a better perspective. I also become having a clearer mind rather than before. I tried to fix it, even it was not easy at all. I started doing an easy and small thing. I forced my self to get up, cleaning my room, and washing my dishes and dirty clothes. Guess what? It is still not easy, but I feel better. I feel I have a power over myself.

Doing little by little is better rather than not doing anything at all. Just believe that even you cannot fix that “hard day” in one shot, you still can feel the benefit to against your “I don’t want do anything” mood. Acknowledge yourself, it’s okey to lay down saving your energy and protecting your mood, but life outside you don’t stop. It is still there. Make your first  step to stand for yourself, make your move!

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