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As an international language, English is taught in every school. Start from elementary school until college students, all of them learn English as a subject in their class. You are going to get many privileges if you have the ability in English (reading, speaking, listening, and writing). Teaching English to kids as early as possible is one of a way that we can do to maximize their ability in English’s skills. However, there are three thing that we need to pay attention before teaching English to kids.
1. Media is everything
I must say media is really important in teaching kids. They are including the flashcard, power point, video, speaker, and book. They tend to easily to get the ideas, the topic when we as a teacher teach them through these media. They can see the picture, listen the sounds, read the book, and writing on their book given. Media in teaching English for kids are so many, you can also use the puppet.
2. Practice and repeat
I often heard that people said these sentences “Actually I know what you are talking about in English. I just don’t know how to respond it.” Or may be these ones “I understand your sentence, but I have no idea to make my own sentence in English. I am not talented enough to create sentence in English”. For me, to solve all those problems we can start by practicing English and repeat that in daily life. By doing many practices, kids or students become more confident to speak English, even though there is no guarantee they say the correct words or not. As a teacher, we can do this one by asking several questions in the beginning of the class to the students, and repeat that question for several meetings. And do not forget, lead students to be active in the class by asking their opinion or answer about a topic being discussed in the class.
3. Game is a mandatory
Why I say game is mandatory? Because they are still kids. Kids like to play. Kids like to dance. Kids like to sing and move their emotions and body. It’s a good thing to do in order to make students do not feel bored and always excited about the class. We can make a game that relate to the topic or just as simply playing English game that we can find on google. We can put this session in the end of the class.



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