A glimpse of Us

This is the saddest song I ever heard in these past 2 year. When you listen to this music, you are going to enter a room that full of tragic, sad love story. This melancholy song gets hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube. The singer of this song is Joji, a very multitalented ballad songs. A glimpse of us tells us about someone’s current relationship to the previous one, and the love that one felt for his/her ex. It resonates if you are in a position when you cannot forget someone from your past.

Angels like you

Actually, this is not a new song. I have heard this song when I was in college, but because of Tiktok, this song explodes around the world. Many of youth use this song in Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, or Facebook. Not only because the song is good, but all the lyrics of this song is so painful and beautiful in the same time. Miley Cyrus is the singer of thins song. One of the lyrics that I like from this song is “and it’s not your fault if I can’t be what you need, baby angles like you can’t fly down hell with me, oh”. This song is a good companion during your sad moment.


Akon is the singer for this song. This song talks about the loneliness. The lyrics are so sad and deep meaning, but the way of Akon sings this song makes me feel better. It is a cute and sad song. Akon tells that he is Mr. Lonely and he has nobody for his own. It relates so much to those who are still single and feeling the loneliness in his life. This song also relates to someone who was left by someone he/she loves so that he/she feel the lonely feeling.

Write by : Diko


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