Learning is frequently regarded as a tedious task. If this sensation of sloth is disregarded, it will have disastrous consequences in the future. There are many students  that fail in school because they are too lazy to study. Although get bored or lazy is not something that can be avoided, there are some things we can do to combat the sense of being lazy.

Well this time we will discuss some tips to get rid of lazy learning. let’s see together!

Basically someone can get rid of being lazy to learn because of two things, first because they want to get a prize, meaning that someone will be motivated to study seriously because they want to get a prize, for example a child wants to get a class champion and get praise from parents and teachers then he studied hard and fought his laziness.

The second, out of fear of punishment or bad repercussions, means that someone does something because he wants to avoid punishment. For example, a child is afraid of punishment if he gets a low grade, he may be afraid of punishment from school or from his parents. On this occasion, we will discuss some smart tips to get rid of laziness in learning

1. Self-Motivation

Motivation is very important to support one’s success. One must have motivation in learning, namely by instilling in each other that learning will provide benefits in the future or convincing in our hearts that good things will emerge if we study hard.

2. Find A Comfortable Place To Study

Everyone has their own comfortable place to study. Someone can feel very comfortable and focused on learning when in public, but some people feel comfortable studying in a quiet room. Therefore, let’s find the most comfortable place for you to study, if the place is not comfortable, how can you focus.

3.Make A Lesson Plan

Study plans are essential since without them, we would struggle to learn and will not know where to begin. Making a study plan will make the learning process easier for us, and our learning will become more organised as a result.

4. Stay Away From Anything That Can Obstruct Your Learning.

This is one of the most important things when studying, which is to avoid anything that will disturb our concentration in studying. Television and gadgets are the things that most often break our concentration when studying, so when you want to start learning make sure these objects are not near us so you can concentrate on studying.

5. Don’t Rush Your Learning.

Rushing through learning will make us quickly bored in learning. For example, if a child has missed a lot of subject matter or has a lot of assignments piled up, he will want to finish them all at once, which will exhaust him and affect the next day’s learning process, leading to him giving up on studying. Let’s simply take it easy and focus on what’s important and serious.

6.Giving Self-Rewards

This method is certainly very fun, isn’t it, who doesn’t like to be given gifts, now in this way you will be more motivated in learning. The trick is when you manage to fight laziness or succeed in carrying out the study plan you have made, then you can appreciate yourself by giving yourself gifts, namely things that can make you happy, such as food or going for a walk.

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