A super fresh music video has been applauded in YouTube channel Billie Eilish. This new video is a clip for her song What I Was Made For? This music video is really aesthetic and meaningful. I am stunned the first time I watched it. Actually the concept of her video is simple. In the beginning of the video, we can see that Billie is sitting on the chair. She had a small suitcase that labelled “Barbie”. Not only that, Billie also dress just like a Barbie with a beautiful ponytail. She wears yellow dress, suits on her. What surprise me is, the things inside the small suitcase, they are small costumes/shirts that Billie ever wore during her concert or previous music video. At first, I am still difficult to understand the meaning of this music video. But after seeing Billie takes care to all of the small costumes and protects them from every raining, or windy, it explains so much to me that this music video is talking about Billie’s journey in music industry. Every little Barbie costume in her video represents her journey from one song to another song. What a beauty in a simplicity!

And what’s next? Now I want to talk about the lyrics. A whole lyrics of “What I Was Made For?” for me is a poetry. Every single lyric, has a deep and a feeling that will make my heart will explode. Billie really knows how to write beautiful sentences, and she sings it in a very beautiful way. I think not many singer can have a beautiful lyric and beautiful voice. One thing that makes me become so mad to love this song is, Billie wrote this song by her own self. What a spectacular thing! Let’s we check some of her lyrics in this song, I don’t know how to feel, but someday I might, someday I might, think I forgot how to be happy, something I am not.. Really touching! I recommend this song to everyone.

During the process of creating this song, Billie said she was like at the end of her career in music for she has no inspiration to make a song. What I Was Made For? is a song that she made with all of her feeling. She pours her feeling in every lyric in this song. I know why it becomes so special for her and her fans. What I Was Made For? is also an official soundtrack for Barbie Movie. The cast of Barbie Movie also give compliments to this song. It makes the movie becomes more meaningful and powerful. Everyone around the world now are listening to this new song. You also can see in spotify, this song becomes number 1 in Today’s Top Hits. This song is worth your time. You can listen to this amazing song to accompany you in up and down your day. No matter how hard your day is, you still have a Billie that gives you a heart-warming song. This song hugs myself, heal my inner self. I hope this song will work for you too! 

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