Reading a book is really good for ourselves. There are a lot of benefits by doing this habit. It can improve our management conflict, gain some motivation, and get a new perspective about life, lastly of course the power of wisdom in dealing with similar conflict in your real life. One of book that I suggest you to read is a book written by Merry Riana, a famous motivator in Indonesia and Singapore, titled Mimpi Sejuta Dolar. This book is fascinating, and relate to young generations who want to get a success career. For me, personally here are some life lesson that I got from this book.

1. Nothing Comes Easy to Life

I like this statement. It’s a fact that nothing comes easy to life, but if we are willing enough to work hard and work smart, then we get what deserve. Merry Riana described so well her struggle during the years she spent in NTU. The first year of college, she only ate noodle, white bread and sometimes a cheap meal. She has a difficulty in money. For that she was not as reach as her friend that went to NTU, she work really hard and did her best until now she becomes a successful speaker and entrepreneur.

2. Good Partner is Needed

In this novel, Merry Riana also told us about how important to have a good partner during the up and down of life. She met her lover and then became her husband. Alva is his name. Merry Riana got so much support from him. When everything is difficult for Merry, Alfa would give her the wisdom of words that can make she felt calm and safe. Not only that, Alfa was the one who used his logical thinking when Merry was disappointed or carried away by feeling.

3. Involve God

I believe god has a magical way to save us. Just like Merry in her novel, she really depended so much with god. Alva, her partner was also the person she met while she was praying in the church. Whatever she did, Merry never forgot to involve god in her plans. In this novel, she’s also diligent to pray in the church, not only when she felt not ok, but also when she felt good. Merry mentioned that god gave her the strength to face all her problems. She always thought positively to god, and that reflect to every act that she did. God is her saviour.

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