When we enter a room, the first thing that people see is our appearance. They judge us even before we open our mouth. That is why, making a good first impression is really needed especially if we are going to meet important people. May be it only takes 60 seconds to create a first impression, but it needs 3 months for changing someone’s first impression about us. Here are several guidance to make a good and positive impression.

1. Know How to Dress

As I mentioned before, what we wear, what colour we use, or what kind of shoes we use, literally lead someone to some perception about us. It’s necessary to choose the appropriate ones. Know what agenda that we attend, and suit ourselves. For the first meeting is really important, please wear an outfit that show your strength and authenticity. If you have dressed so well, a half of the agenda is successful.

2. Create Hallo Effect

After you dress well, you can continue to the next step, Hallo Effect. Hallo Effect was introduced by American psychologist in 1920. The point of this effect is, when you are able to create a positive impression to someone, such as you wear a good dress, they might think you are a smart, kind, and rich person. So, once you made a positive impression, they will think all inside you is good. They will conclude that everything about you is positive and good, even though you are not.

3. Find the Similarity

If you have a job interview, it’s also necessary to create a good first impression. After you do step 1 and 2, you can try the next step, which is find the similarity. People love if they have the similarity with other. In this case, you can do this with your interviewer. Of course to find it, you have to learn the background or get some information about the interviewer. If you cannot do that, you can use the other alternatives, listen to his story. During the conversation, you can find the spot to connect to him/her. It will make you become remembered longer by the interviewer.

Penulis : Diko Arianto


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