I want to discuss the internet again and at the same time invite you to discuss the internet together and remind you to be even wiser in using the internet. This topic is very important to discuss because almost everyone in this world uses the internet, which means that many people in this world use the internet in different ways, or we can say there are two types of people who use the internet to give them a positive or negative effect.

The Internet has two sides. The question is how we use or choose those sides because most things in life must always have two sides—the positive and the negative. A sensible guy will undoubtedly choose things that will benefit him over those that might harm him. However, sometimes intelligent or foolish people will make the wrong decision. I’ll provide some tips for using the internet responsibly so that we can improve our quality of life, because if we use it improperly or wisely, we will really lose.

              Avoid adhering to superficial trends. On social media, there are a lot of trends that seem important but aren’t, making people want to follow them. For instance, many individuals encourage us to do it for the sake of social media, so we may produce a hot healing video somewhere. Less games, please. Even though playing games can be incredibly fun and exciting, if we become dependent on them, we run the risk of losing track of time and ignoring our responsibilities. The most frequent sufferers of video game addiction are schoolchildren, who then neglect their studies as a result. Video game playing commonly interferes with students’ capacity to study; for instance, they can stay up late playing video games, leaving them exhausted in school while attempting to learn.

Making a timetable, establishing time restrictions, and only playing games after finishing more important chores are the best ways to manage how much time you spend doing them. You should put your electronics away before going to bed. Most people use their gadgets even when they want to sleep, which makes them forget the time. More so if they use it to access social media, play games that occupy their time and make them lose track of time, which makes them stay up late, and receive social media notifications that prompt them to check their accounts. The item should ideally be placed a little farther away from the bed so that we are less likely to utilize it.

Delete any software you don’t need. Sometimes we keep programs that are not really vital yet endanger us without our knowledge. It is preferable to get rid of unnecessary applications and keep only the crucial ones that can support our abilities if we have a large number that are not crucial and do not benefit our progress. You should keep a safe distance between your device and your eyes when using it because, as we all know, devices emit radiation rays that can injure your eyes. These are some tips for using technology responsibly; hopefully, we can learn to use technology responsibly. Cut back on social media use. Social media is typically used without restriction by someone who is addicted to it. We can overcome social media addiction by reducing our use of social media. If we typically spend dozens or even hundreds of hours each day on social media, we can cut back to just two or three hours per day.


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