We all know that English is a language that is used everywhere and that is why it is important to learn it now. It goes without saying that you must be proficient in English if you want to work, get a scholarship to study abroad, or even just travel the world. Today, mastering a foreign language, such as English, is unquestionably something to be proud of and can benefit our future careers. It’s not that difficult to learn a language if we follow the right tips and techniques. Watching western films and listening to English song lyrics are only two of the various approaches there are to learn English. But in this section, we’ll go over how to learn English via movie.

Definitely When you find out or ask about tips on how to learn English, definitely tips on learning through films are often recommendations for learning English, because with films we can immediately hear foreigners using English even though we don’t go abroad. We are free to choose the films we like.

It is true that learning English through films is a great way to learn English, because by watching films we know how English words are used in everyday life, but do you know how to learn through films? Here are some tips for learning English through television

– watching movies in other languages One of the common methods used by many people to improve their foreign language speaking abilities is to watch foreign language movies. By watching foreign language movies, we can mimic how native speakers speak the foreign language we are learning, as well as learn how to pronounce words and learn grammar by copying how native speakers use these words and phrases.

– record the vocabulary that is considered important. It is better when learning English through television that we also record vocabulary that is considered important, because sometimes the Bible forgets the things we learn. By noting it will help us to memorize it again.

– using English subtitles, using English subtitles the book of Jesus knows how the English pronunciation is used by native speakers in the films we watch, because if we just listen it will be difficult for us to remember and know the writing of the words English words spoken by native speakers.

– directly practicing the pronunciation learned through the movies watched, by practicing it directly it will make it easy for us to remember these English expressions. You can practice with friends like you’re doing a play or if you don’t have friends to practice with, you can talk in front of the mirror as if you’re chatting with other people.

Here are some suggestions for how to sharpen your English through the media of watching English movies.

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