We cannot dispute that practically all age groups have utilized the internet on average in this internet-only era. We can use the internet for a lot of entertaining activities, including informational searches and communicating with individuals all over the world. We cannot discuss the internet without mentioning social media. We can do a lot of entertaining things on social media that draw us in. With social media, we can stay up to date on the careers of our favorite musicians, stay in touch with former acquaintances, and share content to garner likes and comments. However, if we use it excessively and become addicted to it, we will experience a lot of negative consequences.

            Real-World Social Relationships Are Affected Someone who spends too much time on social media will prefer to communicate online, which disrupts his life in the real world. Many people have a large social media following and are highly active, but they have few real-world relationships and have trouble getting along, which limits the amount of time they spend with friends and family. For instance, because they are more focused on social media, they spend their time with friends taking selfies and posting them to social media rather than speaking and having fun together. When someone has a social media addiction, they will use it more and may even forgot sleep and rest to check their social media accounts. He can’t get to sleep because of this. It goes without saying that this will have an impact on your physical health and result in extra problems like decreased productivity and a challenge comprehending the topic in class due to exhaustion and sleepiness. the best ways to stop or overcome a dependence on social media

            After engaging in productive activities, use social media. Utilizing social media is truly not an issue, but when we use it excessively, which results in a lot of unpleasant things happening to us and makes us unproductive in cyberspace, it becomes a problem. Let’s make it a rule to only use social media after completing something useful, Increase your offline hobbies. You can now start devoting more of your time to offline activities that are more helpful, such as sports and other good hobbies, if you have been spending more time online on social media.

            As long as we use social media, we may obtain a lot of joyful moments in cyberspace, which makes us forget that offline activities can provide a lot of fun things, one of which is our own passion. Let’s start today, take a break from social media, and resume engaging in the enjoyable activities we’ve put off for so long if social media is the reason we’ve abandoned them and forgotten about them.

Let’s all realize that if we are too addicted to social media, it will have a bad impact on ourselves. Therefore, let’s change our lifestyle for the better, namely by not being dependent on social media anymore. How to deal with the online world. Let’s change bad habits into good habits

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai


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