Social life that we face in real life is much challenging rather than what we have in social media. It is more complicated and directly occur during our interaction with people. Sometimes it feels so heavy and difficult to do, then we just focus with a social life that we build in social media, and ignore the one that we have in the real life. But here I am going several tips that might help you to interact more easier with people in real life, and you can radiate the positive vibes, which is this one is so good for yourself and people around you.

  1. Always Smile

It’s not a hard thing to do, but only few people want to do it. Smiling is one of the best action you can do to give a positive and kind impression to people. You can start a conversation or a speech by smiling first. You can end a talk by giving a smile too. Not only that, whenever you meet your friend or co-worker, please share a good and sweet smile to he/she. May be your smile will give a good positive impact for their life, and that will return to you by a good energy from them.

  • Listen More

We want to be heard, but rare of us want to listen other. We make our self as a center and people must obey us. People must follow our desire. Many moments that we spend with people by showing how ego ourselves is. Start from now, we need to stop this bad habit. In relationship everyone is equal. People also want to be heard, so you give a space and time for them. Don’t just make it all about you. They are your friends also have something to tell to you, don’t screw up by cutting their talk or changing the topic to yourself.

      3. Stop Being Dramatic

Adult life is mostly not only about friend or social interaction. They have job to be done, and family to be fed. You have to act wisely before judging your friend or your partner whenever they cannot show up in the party or weekend’s sport. You need to understand sometimes people deal with so many things in their life, and sometimes they have to choose their prioritize. Don’t make it more complicated by giving negative thought about them. “oh, this relationship is not important anymore to them” “They hate me”. Just simply as this “oh, they must have something to be done and they can’t leave it” whenever your friends refuse your invitation.

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