English may be used to communicate with people all around the world because it is a universal language. Whether it is spoken as a first, second, or third language, English is one of the most extensively used languages in the world. All educational levels in Indonesia, including universities, offer English instruction. Did you know that improving your English is simpler than you would think? Since learning English is difficult, many people give up. Just be careful to study regularly. Everyone is aware that English is a language that is frequently used in the modern world. Whether you’re looking to travel, apply for a job, or need financial aid to study abroad, being able to communicate in English is essential.

Although making mistakes in learning English is not something to worry about because it is a process of achieving success, when you find a problem or mistake, you cannot just let it go you must also try to fix it.

Indonesians frequently use grammar  incorrectly in English because it is not their first language. Here are a few of the words that Indonesians tend to use incorrectly.

I am like itI like it
You beautifulYou are beautiful
I eatingI am eating
What the different betweenWhat is the difference between
I mean like thatThat’s what I mean
More easyeasier
Thanks youThanks / thank you
Go to homeGo home
I am is okayI am okay

It will significantly aid English learners in raising their level of proficiency in English by enhancing the aforesaid English pronunciation. Learning to say it repeatedly can help English language learners memorize it more quickly and effectively. After that, they should strive to construct their own sentences using each of the English words they have just learnt. 


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