Now days, the term of influencer is really popular. Through the advance of social media, everyone can be an influencer. You don’t have to have billion followers to start, or playing in a movie just to be an influencer. You can start now no matter how many followers that you have in Instagram or Tik-Tok. Follow these advices!

  1. Choose Your Brand

What I mean as ‘choose your brand’ is you need to know who you are in social media, and why people have to follow you. You need to have value and purpose in being an influencer. Your value can be anything. For example: you are a person who puts education and books as your first concern in your platform. You can start a content that talk about why education is really important, or review about the book that you have read. If you run your social media with value, purpose and passion, it will be easier for you to be consistent in making and posting your content in Instagram or any social media that you use.

  • “Relatable”

The next tips that I can share to you is to make a content that have a relatable to your audience. This type of content is wide and so many. Usually in social media, the content starts by using “POV”. You can research what POV that suits on you or your audience. Making a content that follows some current issues are also important to have an engagement in your social media. Why this kind of content are quite popular and famous in influencer world? Because their audience or follower can associate or feel including with the story made by the influencer.

  • Quality over Quantity

Okey, it’s a must to post contents regularly. But the most important thing is you cannot sacrifice your content’s quality just because you want to be consistent in uploading contents. Being consistent doesn’t mean you have to post a video or picture 5 times a week. Big no! you can adjust it with your capability and ability in creating the contents. 2 videos are good enough as long as the quality is good and you post them regularly compare posting 5 videos with bad quality in a regular schedule.

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