Gadgets, or what we usually know as cellphones, are objects that make it difficult for us to let go of them. Starting from children, adults, and the elderly, most of them definitely use gadgets because their function really helps people with their work. With gadgets, we can explore the world in an instant and learn many things that are very easy to access, but sometimes gadgets can also have a negative impact on users, so let’s look at the following smart tips for using gadgets:

Playing games is indeed something that is very fun and entertaining, but if we are addicted to playing games, then we will lose track of time and forget about the obligations that we should be fulfilling. One of those most often affected by gaming addiction is schoolchildren, which causes them not to do their schoolwork. Playing games also often has a bad impact on students’ learning process; for example, they stay up late playing games, which causes them to fall asleep at school during the learning process. It would be better to reduce playing games by playing them at certain times, reducing the duration of playing, and using them when you have finished carrying out your obligations first, Download only useful applications.
There are so many applications that we can download on our devices that are interesting to use but have few benefits. It would be better if we only downloaded applications that prioritize supporting our skills and making our work easier, compared to only downloading applications that prioritize entertainment functions.

Put away devices before bed. Most people usually still use their devices when they want to sleep, so they often lose track of time, especially if they use them to open social media and play games. This often takes up time, causing us to lose track of time and stay up late. Social media notifications make us wake up and curious to check them. It would be better if we put the device some distance from the bed so that we are too lazy to take it. It’s a good idea to finish things that we consider important on our devices before going to bed and delete applications that are not important.Sometimes we have applications that are not very important, but we keep them so that, without realizing it, they actually harm us. If we have a lot of applications that are not important and do not provide benefits for our development, it is a good idea to just delete these applications and leave only the important ones that can support our abilities.
As we know, gadgets contain radiation rays that can damage the eyes; therefore, it is recommended to maintain a safe distance from the eyes.
Those are some tips for using devices wisely; hopefully we can become wise device users.

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