In the educational process, motivation plays a crucial role. It will be easy for you to focus for a while when you are inspired. When you lack motivation, it will be difficult for you to start something new as well as to stay focused once you get going. Here are some ways to increase your study motivation.

-Study with your friends. Surely there are among you whose enthusiasm for learning increases when you study with friends. Sometimes, when you study with friends, you can be motivated by the enthusiasm of your friends. When you study alone, sometimes you feel bored or stuck with material that is difficult for you to understand, but when you are with friends, you can ask questions and discuss it together.

-Remind yourself about long-term outcomes or goals. Everything you are trying to do in the present is a reflection of your success in the future, so make sacrifices in the present and enjoy your old age with satisfying results from your struggles in the present.

-Eliminate Distractions It would be ideal if you could keep yourself away from any distractions when you’re trying to study. For instance, if you tend to focus better when you’re in a quiet setting and can’t concentrate in a busy environment.

-Write Your Dreams on Large Paper Wherever You Study. Each of us has goals we are passionate about achieving, but occasionally we lose sight of these goals when we are too busy having fun. By taping a piece of paper with our dreams on it, we will always be reminded of them and remain motivated to study even when we feel uninspired.

-Consider the results of your success. Getting something nice, or, as we may say, realizing our aspirations, is the ultimate purpose of all we work toward. Obviously, it can boost our passion for learning by helping us see the benefits of our struggles.

-GIVING SELF-AWARENESS This method is, of course, very fun, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like being given  in this way, you will be more motivated to learn. The trick is that when you succeed in fighting laziness or in carrying out the study plan that you have made, then you can respect yourself by giving yourself gifts, namely things that can make you happy, such as eating or taking a walk.

-Take your time learning. Rushing through learning will rapidly make us bored with it. For instance, if a student has missed a lot of material or has a ton of tasks, he may want to accomplish them all at once, which may weary him, interfere with learning the following day, and cause him to stop studying. Let’s just relax and concentrate on what’s vital and serious.

These are some actions you may take to boost your motivation for learning. I hope this blog is useful to readers.

Penulis : Ivanium Basmai



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