Everyone in this world aspires to live a nice and respectful life and to be appreciated by others. There will be more peace in the world if people can appreciate one another. Though not everyone is able to respect one another, everyone aspires to be respected. That’s obviously erroneous, because you have to be able to respect other people first in order to deserve respect for yourself. In this manner, others will begin to respect you as well. Tolerance is essential to preserving Indonesia’s distinctiveness, given its extreme diversity in terms of customs, cultures, languages, and religious beliefs. Regretfully, there are still some unbearable individuals in the world. Because of its tolerance and unity, Indonesia has been incredibly united. However, if this trend is allowed to continue unchecked, it may eventually pose a threat to that unity. We may take a number of actions to halt the spread of prejudice.

Joining organizations that promote peace is how I plan to revive tolerance in Indonesia by educating all Indonesians about narratives that support peace. It is well known that tolerance and acceptance of individual variations among Indonesians played a pivotal role in the nation’s independence, enabling Indonesia to unite as a single, unified entity from Sabang to Merauke without regard to disparities in race, culture, or religious beliefs. This is why I think that educating Indonesians about the value of diversity and tolerance will contribute to the fight against intolerance. I sincerely hope that everyone will do the same, using the internet to spread messages of peace, refraining from provocations, and striving to create an Indonesia that is tolerant and peaceful. I hope that everyone in Indonesia will work toward eliminating intolerance in order to protect diversity and promote a peaceful way of life.

By being decent citizens and using the internet to disseminate positive messages, refrain from insulting remarks, and contribute to keeping it vibrant, we can halt hate speech that can incite wars. Therefore, let us work together to bring about world peace by refraining from initiating or taking part in online disputes that sow discord. It is true that goodness and harmony can result from tolerance. People from different backgrounds can cohabit peacefully if one has a tolerant attitude toward life. Regardless of the reasons—political, religious, or familial—let’s work together to share films and other messages advocating for peace on the internet. You can also launch a blog promoting peace in order to improve the planet for our grandchildren and future generations. Everyone will live in harmony if they can all learn to respect one another, starting with themselves.

Good things are made by you, and if you start them first, other people will follow suit.

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