Cell phones are objects that make many people dependent on them. From children to adults, most use gadgets because their functions are quite useful for human work. We can explore the bad things in the world and learn things that are very easily accessible with mobile phones, because these things can make people become dependent so that it has an impact on users, therefore we use positive mobile phones like the following:

  • Avoid Trends That Aren’t Important

There appears to be no end to trends because of the many trends that are dispersed on social media, making people desire to follow them which is not actually significant. In public areas, for example, trends display intimacy with a spouse then post it on internet. It is not that important because the people who still in undergraduate can watch it.

  • Don’t Use Your Device Too Close to Your Eyes

As we often see in public places that many children and even adults who use the device too close to their eyes for playing game or just for checking their phone  it is not good because As we know that gadgets have radiation rays that can damage the eyes, it is recommended to maintain a safe distance from the eyes.

  • Delete Unnecessary Apps

Sometimes you have apps that aren’t that vital, but you maintain them anyhow, and without realizing it, we are harming ourselves. If you have a lot of programs that aren’t important and don’t help us grow, it’s best to delete them all and keep only the ones that can help us.

  • Before going to bed it is good to save your device

Most people when they want to sleep they still use their gadgets, which causes them to lose track of time. Especially if they use it to open social media and games, which take time to make him forget the time so he stays up late, and social media notifications that make him wake up and curious to check it out. It would be ideal if we put the device a little further from the bed, making us less likely to use it.

  • Download Useful Apps Only

There are so many apps that we can download on our devices that are interesting to use, but have little benefit. It would be better if we only download applications that provide more support services and make our work easier than just applications that prioritize the entertainment function.

  • Limit Game Play

Playing games is very fun and interesting, but if we are addicted, we will lose track of time and neglect our responsibilities. Schoolchildren are among the most frequently suffering from video game addiction, which causes them to neglect their education. The learning process of students is often harmed by playing games; for example, they may stay up late playing games which results in fatigue at school during the learning process. It would be ideal to limit how much time you spend playing games by scheduling them, limiting the amount of time you spend playing, and only using them after you have completed your more important responsibilities.

  • Commitment to do it

Of course, it will be difficult at the beginning, but by committing to yourself and knowing the positive impact you will get after doing all of this, it will make you even more excited to try to use your cellphone very wisely.

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