By Ivanium Basmai

Many people find difficult when learning english speaking skill and decided to give up, but do you know that Improving English speaking skills is actually not as hard as you think. You just need to study regularly and consistently.
As we all know that english is an international language that you must learn in today’s era. Especially when you are looking for a job or want to get a schoolarship overseas or even just want to travel around the world of course english skills is so important.

One of the important things to improve is the ability to speak in english .Often we find it difficult to speak English due to lack of practice or even never give a try but just think that english is so difficult to learn just because you can not speaking in english when you try it at the very first time without give all your effort to it and one of the things that make the english learners find difficult learning english is because due to lack of vocabularies.

So these are some ways to improve your English speaking skills :

  1. JUST SPEAK UP DON’T WORRY ABOUT GRAMMAR ERRORS When i told you that don’t have to worry about grammar arrors doesn’t mean that you can always ignore that grammar, what i mean is that many people give up when practice speaking english because worries about the grammars, they worry if people could judge their grammar, but that’s not the point when you learning speaking in english. When you in the process of learning english speaking skill you dont have to worry about the grammar errors or any mistakes that you migh be do, but you just need to speak up to get you used to it. When you get to used it you can start to think about grammar.

One of the factors that make it difficult to speak English is a lack of vocabulary which makes us stammer in pronouncing words in English, so by learning the common vocabulary it will help you to speak english can start to learn some english words that always you use in daily basis such as greetings, introduction, asking and offering help.

  1. WATCHING ENGLISH MOVIE Watching english movie to improving english speaking skills is one of the populer ways that many people use, by watching english movies you can immitate how the native speaker speak in english, you could also learn how to pronounce words in english and you can learn the grammar by immitate how the nattive speaker use the english word and pharases.
  2. TALK TO YOURSELF Many people find difficult when learning english speaking skills is because they don’t have partner to talk to, so they can not practice their english speaking skill, so by talking to yourself like in front of the mirror you can imagine that you are speaking english with someone, or even you can acting that you are the actor of movies that you like, so you can always practice your speaking skill without partner.
  3. JOIN THE ENGLISH COMMUNITY If you are the kind of person that need somebody to talk to you can join english club, you can find out from your school,campus or online. The people who join english community must be the people that can speak english well or in the process to improve it. I am pretty sure if your environment support you then you could easily absorb that skill.

If you want to make it sure that your english is improve or not you can record yourself talking in english , then listen it , after that you can compare it to the native speaker from the movie or google translate so, you can always improve your english again and again until you feel satisfy with your english speaking skill and this way also help you to be confident speaking in english.

  1. THE EAGERNESS TO LEARN The last tips that would be the eagerness to learn , because when you really want o learn something and you give all your effort to it you will make it, from those tips that i share i belive that you will make it if you have the eagerness to learn , you can also choose your own way to improve your speaking skill that make you easy and fun to learn it

So those are the tips for improve english speaking skill and i hope you will make it, and keep it going!!!!!!just speak up!! you will make it!!!!!!!



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